Stringing Services

Racquet Restringing Services

We offer the convenience of 48 hour racquet restringing services.  We use top-quality string products offered by Babolat, Gamma, and Wilson. If there is a type of string that you need, we can usually order if for you.  Our restringing prices start at $15.00 and go up to $47.90.

WE JUST PURCHASED THE WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED STRINGING MACHINE-THE BAIARDO. It is now the official stringing machine of Wilson's international stringing team made up of many of the best stringers in the world.  Used at many tour events including the US OPEN. Come by and meet Matt our stringer if you have any questions or simply want to get your racquet strung.

Helpful Hint—Use a thinner string for more power and feel.  Use a  thicker gauge for increased durability.  Increase tension for control and decrease tension for power.

Stringing Tips

Your racquet strings, like the oil in your car engine, need to be changed at regular intervals; otherwise they lose their resiliency and tension.

String tension has a significant effect on the way a racquet performs and feels. 

  • Higher tension – less power, more control, more shock & vibration, lower rebound angle
  • Lower tension – more power, less control, less shock & vibration, higher rebound angle. Reducing string tension in a racquet by 10 pounds will increase ball speed by less than 2%

There is no conclusive evidence that string tension increases or decreases the amount of spin on the ball.

At the same tension, a racquet with a larger head size will give you more power than a racquet with a smaller head size.

There's no single best tension, it’s really just a matter of preference.

If you have shoulder problems or tennis elbow, try stringing your racket at the lower end of the range, and use a softer nylon string.

Thicker gage strings (16) last longer, while thinner strings (17) offer more touch and feel. 

There's generally a trade-off between resiliency and durability. The most durable strings are extremely stiff and are made of Kevlar or polyester, such as Luxilon.   Polyester is a poor choice if you have tennis elbow, arm or shoulder problems. Nylon is the best choice for most players, while most of the pros, college players and other big hitters use polyester.  Many strings have durability and playability ratings on the package.

Many advanced players are using hybrid strings, which consist typically of polyester in the mains and nylon or natural gut in the crosses. Hybrids are sold in sets, or can be created by blending two different strings.

The conventional rule of thumb is to restring as often per year as you play per week, but no less often than twice per year.  If you are a big hitter and/or hit with a lot of spin, you will need to string more often. Strings start to lose tension as soon as their strung, so it’s not a good a good idea to wait until they break to restring them.

Matt stringing racquet
Matt stringing racquet