Boat Launching Permits

The City of Boca Raton requires vehicles entering Silver Palm Park towing a watercraft trailer to obtain a Boat Launch and Recovery Permit or a One Day Visitor Permit. Unpermitted vehicles with watercraft trailers are subject to a $35.00 fine and towing at owner’s expense.

To purchase a permit, applicants must provide documentation proving residency and vehicle ownership.

Boat ramp
  • Residency proof (home address) - can be ONE of the following original documents: current City/County tax bill, water bill, Florida Power/Light bill, rental/lease agreement, current Florida Driver’s License or notarized letter from the condo association.  University student and faculty residing on campus may establish proof of residency by submitting a signed letter by the Director of Housing, certifying that they reside on campus.  Residents and individuals must own property in their own name.
  • Vehicle ownership is proven by presenting ONE of the following: the current State Motor Vehicle Registration; Title, current Bill of Sale; vehicle Rental/Lease agreement (in applicant’s name); or current insurance card for each vehicle.

Permits are effective yearly from October 1 to September 30.  Fees are not prorated.

Boat Launch and Recovery Permit Fees

Annual Permit Fee
Palm Beach County Resident: $60.00 (tax included)
Non-Palm Beach County Resident: $480.00 (tax included)

Daily Permit Fee
Palm Beach County Resident: $25.00 (tax included)
Non-Palm Beach County Resident: $60.00 (tax included)

A one day visit will require the boater to obtain a Daily Permit prior to launching a watercraft. Permit must be hung on the rear view mirror, visible for review.  A one-day visitor permit expires 24 hours after issuance. 

Permit Rules

Permits are not transferable and must be permanently affixed to the bottom left front of the interior windshield glass of the automobile in order to be admitted into a park.  Any transfer of the permit will result in a revocation.  Any sticker not properly affixed to the windshield glass will cause the vehicle to not be allowed to enter the park facility until properly affixed.  Sticker CANNOT be taped to windshield glass or placed on paper or transparencies.

If you should trade or sell your vehicle, OR have your windshield replaced, you must SCRAPE the permit from the windshield and return it with your receipt and new car registration.  Permits that are stolen or lost will not be reissued.

Credit can be given for one (1) daily park entrance fee per vehicle towards purchase of annual pass.  Payment must be made by residents within 30 days of dated receipt, ONLY if you are eligible to use that particular park.  In order to obtain a credit, return the original park entrance receipt when applying for your permit.  You may get a credit only at time of purchase.