Backboard Wall

Of all the training regimens for effective competitive play, an often-overlooked practice tool is the backboard. At Patch Reef Tennis Center there are four hitting backboards. There is no charge to use these walls . Reservations are required call (561)367-7090 or visit

Backboards are recognized as important additions to everyday practice routines for both beginners and those developing their game. Professionals use a backboard for training, warm up, concentration, and generally for grooving their strokes for competition and improvement.  It can be challenging and help you gain confidence in yourself and your own game. You can even use the backboard when your regular practice partner is unavailable, or, when you have extra energy to expend when you are on your own. The regular use of the backboard can be one of the more sound decisions that you will make as a practice routine for ongoing tennis improvement. And it can be great fun!


The backboard is a great place to develop:

  1. Strength – the ball always comes back and provides a reason to get into position and hit the perfect shot. Repetitive strokes build endurance
  2. Strokes – the backboard is a place to work on fundamentals and to groove your ground strokes, volleys, and serves.
  3. Consistency – a place where repetition counts and you can work on hitting the sweet spot over and over until it becomes a natural part of muscle memory and response. Good balance can be practiced.
  4. Concentration – a structured practice session on the backboard is ideal for focusing your concentration to stay in the long point where your opponent just doesn't seem to miss.
  5. Stamina – the backboard enhances your training and builds confidence in your ability to keep the ball in play longer. By hitting the ball hard, your level of intensity will develop.

Set the goals that are important to you and your own individual improvement!

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