Adult Tennis

We range from beginner classes to advanced classes.  We also offer specialty classes like Game Day, Men’s Night, Ladies Night .  Call the pro shop at  561-367-7090 for more information.

This is for you if you have never played or have limited experience and primarily work on getting the ball in play. This is an introduction to the basic principles of tennis and strokes: forehand, backhand, volley, serve and overhead At the end of this stage, a player should have some success executing the strokes and have basic knowledge of scoring and court positioning.

This player is able to sustain a short rally of slow pace and should be familiar with the basic positions for single and doubles. Basic strokes still need developing. Among other things, the class will focus on stroke development and basic strategy.

An Intermediate player understands the rules of tennis, scoring, and is be able to execute the strokes in a dependable manner. This class will develop a player’s depth, variety, movement, and strategy.

This class consists of high energy, fast paced drills. More dynamic shots are taught to incorporate into high level match play. Be sure to wear you game face to this class!! Instructor approval needed before entering class.

All levels- Learn how to use and take advantage of one of the best practicing tools in tennis.

Fun, fast paced doubles games. Recommended for Intermediate players and above.

Cardio - Intense physical challenge; competition based; point and match play. Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced players.

Fun Drills and Match Play

Heart pumping fitness.  Hit a lot of balls, get fit and refine your shots.

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